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Local history museum in Chernovtsy

Chernovtsy local history museum was founded in 1863. Exhibitions for the museum, which include archeological, numismatic, and phaleristics items have been collected from all over the region. Unfortunately, its existence was far from long. When all finances were spent in 1877, the museum was shut down, and all collections have been transferred to Chernovtsy University for storage purposes.

The building of Chernovtsy local history museum

In 1888 local historian and researcher A. Romstrofer started soliciting for the museum to be restored. 2 years later the Central committee in Vienna approved the petition and entrusted the scholar and his associates to execute the restoration. After the statute of the museum, which clearly stated the purpose of the museum, was signed on February 21, 1892, they started preparing for the opening, which took place in May of 1893.

Exhibits of the museum

The museum carried on working for the next 20 years and new exhibits were constantly added to the collection. Even though the museum was financed by state, exhibition sales of less valuable exhibits were often taking place. During the World War I the museum was forced to be shut down. It was once again opened in 1918. For the next two decades it was functioning, and new exhibits were brought from museums that merged with it. It went on like this until the World War II, which obviously brought certain loss to the collections. Later the museum was restored once again, and was moved to a building in Olga Kobylyanskaya street, which was later occupied by an Orthodox religious fund.

Exhibits of the museum

The collection of the museum currently consists of over 90 thousand exhibits in 20 exhibition halls, which are divided into two parts. The first part tells about the history of Bukovina region, and the other displays its nature. One of the most valuable exhibits are early printed books from the XVI century, which include an Ostrog Bible printed by Ivan Fyodorov in 1581. Museum funds also include a flag of Chernovtsy, which was produced to mark the 500th anniversary of the first written mention of Chernovtsy; a unique collection of guns, a collection on items from the XVI-XVIII centuries, as well as other fascinating exhibits.

Address of the local history museum: Chernovtsy, O. Kobylyanskaya street, 28.


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