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Lubart Castle in Lutsk

According to the local legend, Lutsk castle appeared as a result of marriage of a known in those days Lithuanian Grand Duke and a local princess. The name of the prince was Lubart Vitov, so now the castle is also called Lubart castle. The Construction of Lutsk castle according to historical sources was started in the 14th century.

Castle in Lutsk

Today the castle of Prince Lubart is also known as Lutsk castle (most common), or the Upper Castle (Lower Castle is now virtually destroyed). From historical sources it is known that the fort, on the spot where the castle appeared, was established long before the marriage of the Lithuanian Grand Duke. Back in 1085 the fort was so good equipped, that the inner settlements survived the daily siege for six months.

Lubart Castle in Lutsk

Since the castle is a military facility the focus of visitors is attracted by three castle towers: Viezdnaya, Styrowaya and Vladychnaya. The Viezdnaya tower (from Russian word “Viezd” - entrance) served as the entrance and exit to the castle. Styrowaya tower is named as the river on which it stands - Styr. Vladychnaya tower (from Russian word “Vladyka” – the man who has state power) got its name from its assignment. According to the tradition this tower was built, and maintained for the money received from the governor of the fortress.

Lutsk castle

The territory of the castle has long been the central point of the city, which hosted the Sejms and the courts of the Volyn gentry. One of the cellars of the castle served as a dungeon for criminals and convicts.
Under the wall, uniting the Vladychnaya and the Styrowaya tower there is a large cellar for storing supplies for the period of the siege. Now here is erected a pavilion that in the future will house a museum.

Today the territory of Lutsk Castle includes a museum, an arsenal and a collection of bells.

Lutsk Castle online tour.


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