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Malakhov Kurgan in Sevastopol

Malakhov Kurgan is a place that is known far beyond Ukrainian borders. This 97-meter height was twice used as a place for tremendous battles. The name Malakhov Kurgan is first mentioned in the general outline of Sevastopol in 1851. Historians believe that the place name came from Mikhail Malakhov, who began his military service in 1789 as a cabin boy on the Black Sea Fleet. Malakhov also had a chance to serve as a boatswain, skipper and rigging master.

Malakhov Kurgan in Sevastopol

In 1827 Malakhov was given the rank of a captain and settled down in Sevastopol, in a house in Korabelnaya area. Soon after this the locals started calling the area after the captain. Sons of the retired captain took part in the defense of Sevastopol. After the war came to an end, Ilya Malakhov started publishing articles about his father’s life. He wrote that Malakhov Kurgan got its name after his father, who used to come here on a daily basis. City officials tried to rename Malakhov Kurgan more than once, but locals kept calling it the same name.

During the Crimean War a bastion that was part of the defense line was constructed in Malakhov Kurgan. There were nine military batteries. It is known that there were underground-mine works conducted, and we know that from a diorama in the tower. Later a memorial monument and a plaque were placed in the spot where Vice-Admiral V. Kornilov and Admiral P. Nakhimov were fatally wounded. In 1905 a few more memorial walls, made from krymbalsky stone, were added to the complex.

The view on the city

During the World War II Malakhov Kurgan once again became the centre of military events. In 1941 the military battery that was located there was led by Lieutenant Commander A. Matyukhin.

Malakhov Kurgan in Sevastopol

In 1956 a municipal memorial park was founded there. The central alley was named the Alley of Friendship. Trees were planted by N. Khrushchev, K. Voroshilov, A. Mikoyan, Ho Chi Minh, Maurice Thorez, Yuri Gagarin, G. Titov, and others. In 2001 the former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov also planted a linden there.

Nowadays Malakhov Kurgan is a complex memorial monument of national importance. It is open every day except Mondays from 9am to 6pm.

Address of Malakhov Kurgan: the Crimea, Sevastopol, Istomin street.


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