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Mariyinsky Palace in Kiev. Ukraine

Mariyinsky PalaceThroughout its 250-year history, the Mariyinsky Palace experienced blossoming, landscaping, desolation, reconstruction, forgetfulness and fame.

The daughter of Peter I, Empress Elizabeth, who was surprised of the beauty of Kiev, had chosen the place for the future palace, the construction of which started in 1750. The draft of the palace in baroque stile by architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli was embodied in the life by the Russian architect Ivan Michurin. But Palace existed not for long, it was destroyed by fire. This was followed by restoration works, each of which brought something new to the palace, followed by new fires. This is the story of the palace...

Its present name in honor of Empress Maria Alexandrovna the palace received in 1870 after the next rebuilding. The dominant style was Baroque with the rich plastic of facades and expressive volumes.

Mariyinsky Palace. KievPalace with the adjacent gardens and parks has strict symmetry. The main building and its outbuildings form a spacious courtyard.

The main facade of the building faces the Mariyinsky Park, which was grounded in 1874. Its winding paths follow the natural landscape. And from the opposite side of the palace there dominate the classic direct alleys of the City garden, which intersect at right angles. Its second name originates from this place, laid by Peter I. Green design plantings, designs fountains are made in the traditional style of the XVIII century. The fountains are replete with sculptures and compositions, which are recreated according to the documents stored in museums. Palace welcomes its visitors with spacious lobby. From it in the second floor staterooms follow the marble steps.

The unique elements of the interior of the palace are the objects of decorative - Mariyinsky Palace in Kievapplied art: chandeliers, furniture, as well as pictures of famous masters. Expensive parquet floor, made up of different species of trees, creates a unique original design and amazing skill of execution.
Today, in the palace there are held public receptions, summits and meetings at the state level, the Ambassadors of foreign countries present their credentials here.


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