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Market Square in Lviv

Market Square in LvivMarket Square is the central square in the city and belongs to the characteristic phenomena of medieval architecture. The square was formed as a center of Lviv after the King of Poland Casimir the Great conquered the city. In the late XIX - early XX centuries, there was formed a new center in the city: now it is Freedom Prospect, Shevchenko Prospect and Mickiewicz Square. From the Market Square there start seven streets and the square: Russian, Serbian, Krakow, Drukarskaya, Galitskaya, Shevskaya, Stavropigiyskaya Streets and Cathedral Square.

The architecture of the Market Square had been formed during the 5 centuries since the XIV century and up to XIX. Its original appearance has changed because of fires, time and construction. The last wooden structure on the square disappeared after the fire in 1527.

The dimensions of Market Square are 129 X 142 m. It has 44 houses and town hall in the center. Market Square. LvivThe only element of Gothic buildings that remained after the fire is the fragments of details on walls and the basements.

The architects, who created the Market Square, were P. Rimlianin, S. Fesinger, P. Krasovskii and others, and the builders were the multiethnic population of Lviv: Russians, Germans, Italians, Armenians, Poles and Jews. The buildings were constructed mainly for the city elite, as the cost of land in the heart of the city was incredibly high. The layout of houses on the Market Square is very interesting: the most of the facades of houses has only three windows. This is associated with the fact that has been introduced an additional tax for the number of windows. There was also no numbering of houses the Middle Ages, each building had its own name: for example Town Hall in Lviv"Under the deer", "Beneath the lion", etc.

In the center of Market Square there is the town hall, where is the city council. Previously, there were held the meetings of the City Court, international meetings, and in the Middle Ages, the town hall was attended by Polish, Swedish and Russian kings.

There are many attractions at Market Square, including famous museums: historical, furniture and porcelain, museum-pharmacy, etc. In contrast to many central squares of Ukraine, the traffic at Market Square is not blocked, and at the end of the XIX century it was crossed with tram lines.


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