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Mertsalov Palm in Donetsk

Mertsalov Palm in DonetskDonetsk is the capital of blacksmithing. Here is the "Guild of Blacksmiths of Donbass", that every year conducts various exhibitions and events at which the masters can show their skills. Here was created one of the first masterpieces of the blacksmith's skill, which has received international recognition – Mertsalov Palm.

This unusual, fine work is a plalm produced by skilled craftsmen from a piece of Donbas rails. And the tree was set up only with a hammer and chisel. Gimmick has received numerous awards, including the International Industrial Exhibition Award in Paris (1900). Unfortunately, during the Soviet Union most original works of art were removed from Ukraine. At the moment the original is kept in Russia, Saint-Petersburg.

As there was no success in the return of the sculpture, it was decided to create a replica of the famous model, using similar technology. To do this, even specifically sought out the production of rails in 1901 to create the same characteristic art forging metal rails to the melting temperature, and the heating was done 10 000 times. The blacksmiths masters in Donbass are still present you can see this yourself by visiting the area near the exhibition center "Expo Donbass" where is located the replica of Mertsalov Palm.

Mertsalov Palm is officially recognized as a way of revival of traditional craftsmanship and now palm trees are established, not only in big cities of Ukraine, (such as Kiev, Lviv), but also around the world.

Among European cities that have received the original "Ukrainian Souvenir" are already listed such as Ottawa (Canada) and Hannover (Germany). And a copy of it is specially installed under the water at Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea.

Mertsalov Palm

Another tree is located in Donetsk, on the Boulevard of Pushkin, but unlike its predecessor, it is made of Damascus steel.


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