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Monument to Daniel of Galicia in Lviv

Monument to Daniel of GaliciaMonument to Prince Daniel of Galicia was opened on one of the oldest squares of the city of Lviv, Galician Square, October 26, 2001. This solemn event was timed to celebration of the 800th birthday of the king-founder of Lviv.

Daniel of Galicia was born in 1201. At the age 12 he became the prince of Galich. A year later he was forced out due to the palace intrigues; in the age of 20 he became the prince of Volyn and 10 years later he returned to Galich as a lord. Daniel of Galicia had constantly to struggle against Mongols-and-Tatars, the neighbors from the West and resolve intestine strifes. He managed to unite the country in the Galicia-Volyn Rus; he had constantly built new cities, constructed fortresses, searched for an alliance with Poland, Hungary and Austria. He has managed to stop paying tribute to the Golden Horde for 5 years and got his lands at an incredible height in the cultural and political levels.

Monument to Daniel of Galicia in Lviv is a bronze sculpture of the Prince, sitting on a horse, which is located on a granite pedestal. Within two months after the announcement of the competition to design the monument to prince, there were represented more than 20 drawings. The preference was given to the works of architect Churilik and sculptors Yarich and Romanovich.

Monument to Daniel of Galicia in LvivAnatoly Kinah, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine, visited the solemn opening of the monument, praising the patriotism and wisdom of the prince, admiring his ability as governor and diplomat, who managed to unite the western Ukrainian lands and to stop the internecine strifes. Kinah also noted the talent of Daniel of Galicia as the commander and his achievements in economic, political and cultural development of Ukraine.


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