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Monument to Duke de Richelieu in Odessa

Duke de RichelieuMonument to Duke de Richelieu, located in Odessa on the Primorsky Boulevard, is a bronze statue of a full-length dedicated to Armand Emmanuel du Plessis, Duke de Richelieu, who made a solid contribution to the development of the city. The monument is directed to the sea, in front of it there are Potemkin Stairs, behind - the two buildings forming a square.

Richelieu became governor of Odessa in 1803, and residents of the city called him “our Duke”, considering him the founder of the city that really was far from the truth, because at that time Odessa was 8 years old. Thank to this governor the city had become a major trading port. With the return of the Bourbons on the throne, Richelieu returned to France, where he died in 1822. Having received this news from Paris, Count Langeron began raising money from people for the construction of the monument, and Novorossiysk Governor-General, who Monument to Duke de Richelieutook the post in May 1823, ordered it to his sculptor I.P. Martos. The grand opening of the monument took place on April 22, 1828.

Statue of Richelieu figure is presented in full growth, the mayor wearing a toga and holding a scroll. Monument is casted in bronze, and bears the imprint of the classicism. The square pedestal was donated by the landowner Skaroninsky, the base of the pedestal is shaped like a truncated pyramid, and was made from local limestone.

Monument to Duke de Richelieu is known for a very fun fact: if you look at the monument with the left water hatch, the scroll in the hand of the mayor and the folds of his clothes look like male genitalia.


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