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People’s Friendship Monument in Kiev

Friendship MonumentThe opening of the Friendship Monument, devoted to the reunification of Ukraine and Russia, was held in Khreshchatyi Park in 1982 and was dedicated to the sixtieth anniversary of the Soviet Union and the celebration of the 1500th anniversary of Kiev. The monument includes the composition of the People’s Friendship Arch in the form of a rainbow, sculptures of workers and scenes of Pereiaslav Rada.

Sculpture of workers, made of bronze and granite, depicts the working together for the good of the motherland of Ukrainian and Russian, who raised high above their heads the ribbon with the Order of “People’s Friendship”.

The stele dedicated to Pereiaslav Rada, is located in some distance from the sculpture of the workers. In the center of the composition one can easily recognize the figures of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnitsky and Boyar Buturlin, the Russian ambassador, who participated in this important historical event.

People’s Friendship ArchBoth sculptures are connected with the giant rainbow, symbolizing the unity of Ukrainian and Russian, the two fraternal peoples.

The area in front of the monument was built in the form of a Greek amphitheater, and behind the monument there is an observation deck, offering spectacular views over Dnieper River and the left bank of Kiev.


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