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Monument of Eternal Glory in Zhitomir

The Monument of Eternal Glory, which is located in Zhitomir, in Chernyakhovsky street, was installed there in 1979 to commemorate soldiers, underground fighters and partisans that fought for the independence of Soviet Ukraine. Groups of partisans, detachments of the Red Army and other military forces of Zhitomir region fought with German fascist army during the World War II. Thousands of soldiers, including 52 Heroes of the USSR, sacrificed their lives to liberate the city from the occupants.

Monument of Eternal Glory

The monument was solemnly unveiled on May 9. It was installed in one of highest points of Zhitomir and therefore can be seen from afar. The monument was created by architects I. Ivanov and A. Ignaschenko, as well as sculptors G. Khusid and N. Kolomoets. The authors embodied the idea of the monument in a massive cylindrical pillar. The pillar reaches the height of 37 meters and was made of labradorite mined in Zhitomir region. The pillar is topped with a sculpture group that consists of three human figures: a Soviet Army warrior, a patriot girl and a partisan are standing back to back holding a flag. The figures were made of bronze. The pillar stands on a granite pedestal with names of warlords, commanders of guerrilla groups, the leaders of the underground, and the names of Soviet Army departments. Not far from the monument of Eternal Glory there is an Eternal Fire. The area where the monument was installed in 1979 is paved with cobblestones. A wide alley leads to the monument, and on the sides of the alley you can see military equipment – cannons from the World War II.

The view on the monument

From the deck where the monument is located you can see the beautiful view with green forest surrounding the hill, the dam that forms the Zhitomir reservoir, and rooftops. Zhitomir newlyweds always come to this place to lay flowers after the official registration of marriage.

Address of the monument of Eternal Glory: Zhitomir, Chernyakhovsky street, 53-67.


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