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Monument to Chasing Two Hares in Kiev

In the very centre of the capital of Ukraine in Desyatinnaya street, to the left from the old Andrew’s Church, there is a unique monument to Pronya Prokopovna Serkova and Svirid Petrovich Golokhvastov. These people are characters from one of the favorite comedies from the USSR era called Chasing Two Hares. The place for installing the monument was chosen on purpose: the area near Andrew’s Church was where the main scene of the movie was shot. The scuplture group depicts a scene where Golokhvastov stands on his knee while proposing to his lover Pronya Prokopovna. Serkova stands with her hand ready to be kissed.

Monument to Chasing Two Hares

This soviet film has so many hilarious quotes that are still remembered and so many well-directed scenes that this movie truly belongs to the classic soviet comedies. It is still often watched.

The monument to the characters of Chasing Two Hares was installed in 1999. The architect of the monument was V. Skulsky. There were also three sculptors: Vladimir Shchur, Roman Kukharenko, and Vitaly Sivko. The opening of the monument was attended my Margarita Krinitsina, who played the part of Pronya Prokopovna in the movie. She was really excited about the monument, and when the sculpture was unveiled, the actress was amazed with the monument to her character and thought of it as an award.

Monument to Pronya Prokopovna

During the years of its existence the monument has already produced several legends and signs. For example, ladies believe that if the rub a ring on Pronya Prokopovna’s finger, they will find a decent man and get married. Mind you, men have been doing the same thing. The second sign comes from a bug on Svirid Golokhvastov’s shoulder: rubbing the bug is believed to bring luck and material well-being. Citizens are convinced that there is something in the horns of the bug that brings fortune. Six times vandals have managed to steal the bug from the monument, and renovators had to repair the sculpture.

The monument from another angle

Couples in love often take pictures at the monument. They recreate the scene depicted in the sculpture and believe that a photo is a proof of their romance.

Address: Kiev, Desyatinnaya street, 14.


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