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Monument to Leonid Utesov in Odessa

Utesov monument in OdessaMonument to Leonid Utesov, the famous Odessan performer and artist, stands in the heart of Odessa in the City Garden, located in the Deribasovskaya Street, the central street of the city. Its solemn opening took place on September 2nd , 2000 and was timed to coincide with celebrating the 206th  anniversary of Odessa.

Leonid Osipovich Utesov was an inhabitant of Odessa and loved his native city very much. He considered Odessa the best city all over the world. Utesov was the founder of such a musical direction as jazz in the Soviet Union. At the beginning of the last century he organized his own jazz group. There were some films with his participation and a lot of songs, which formed his musical inheritance. Many generations of Soviet people grew up hearing his songs. It was decided to erect a monument to Leonid Utesov in the heart of his native city, paying a tribute of respect to his contribution to culture development in Odessa and in the whole country.

The sculptor Alexander Tokarev has represented Utesov on a bank sitting and after his concert resting. There is an old-fashioned phone near him, which can be used by visitors for making an order on songs in performance of this remarkable singer. The melody of the ordered song is audible for each person, who is resting at the monument.

It’s also interesting, that the monument has been erected by voluntary contributions of grateful citizens. At present the citizens prefer taking their rest in the City Garden, making photos near the Utesov sculpture, sitting on the bank.


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