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Monument to Princess Olga in Kiev

This sculpture group is situated in front of an old St. Michael cathedral (Kiev, Mikhailovskaya square). In the centre of the group stands the Great Princess Olga, who was and remains the only woman in Ukraine who has ever ruled the country. On the right from Olga sit Slavic Cyril and Methodius, and on the left is the Apostle Andrew, who is pointing to the Holy Kiev Hills.

Monument to Princess Olga

This monument, which is dedicated to Princess Olga, was opened in Kiev square in 1911. This monument was designed by sculptors as part of the Historic Path series, a group of monuments dedicated to the first Princes of Ukraine: Igor, Oleg, and Svyatoslav. It was expected that the alley will stretch from Mikhailovskaya to Sofievskaya squares. Nicholas II approved of the project and gave 10000 rubles to the construction.

The contest for creating the monument was won by Ivan Kavaleridze. The sculptor was given the right to create a sculpture of the Princess and Cyril and Methodius, and Peter Snitkin was entrusted with creation of the statue of Apostle Andrew. The material chosen for the sculptures was then trendy concrete. Constructors planned to enhance the group with high reliefs depicting scenes from life of the Princess; however, it was later found out that concrete was not the right material for that.

Monument to Princess Olga

The monument had stood in its place just for 8 years. In 1919 it was demounted and partially destroyed. The statue of Olga was buried right near the monument, and the place where the sculpture group used to stand became the part of the new park.

In 1996 digging was done in Mikhailovskaya square. A lucky discovery was part of the destroyed sculpture of the Princess. However, the head of the statue was never found. To restore the sculpture group new sculptures were carved out of snow-white marble. The pedestal is made of pinkish granite.

The monument at night

The official opening of the restored sculpture group took place in May 1996. It was timed to match the City Day. Fragments of old sculptures were brought together by renovators and placed in Andrew’s Descent in a sculpture park of Ivan Kavaleridze.

Address of the monument to Princess Olga: Kiev, Mikhailovskaya square.


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