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Monument to Sunken Ships in Sevastopol

The Monument to Sunken Ships was founded in Sevastopol, on a manually created from roughly processed granite blocks island in 1905. It is located in Primorsky boulevard in 10 meters from the seashore. The installation of the monument was timed to match the 50th anniversary of the first defense of Sevastopol, when Russian sailing ships were sunk for the sake of saving Sevastopol.

Monument to Sunken Ships

Russian commandment had a tough challenge ahead, when a ship armada that combined fleets of France, Britain and Turkey reached the shores of the Crimea. Enemies outnumbered local troops, which made going out to the sea and battling there impossible. To stop the enemy ships from entering Sevastopol bay, the commandment decided to sink the outdated sailing ships, which were Three Saints, Salafail, Varna, Uriil, Silistria, Flora, and Sizopol. They were dropped on the bay bottom from the south to the north. The enemy could not surpass this obstacle. However, autumn and winter storms gradually erased the manually created barrier, which is why four more battleships and three more frigates had to be dropped in the sea in the winter of 1855.

Anchors on the quay

Crews of the sunken Sevastopol ships went ashore. They became a powerful force in the land defense of the city. Heavy armor, gunpowder and all sorts of useful items were brought to the shore from the sunken ships. Excellent military training, exemplary discipline, perseverance, and courage of sailors became an example for all defenders of Sevastopol.

Bronze eagle on top of the pillar

When enemies discovered the insurmountable underwater obstacle and understood they couldn’t possibly reach Russian coastal batteries, they gave up on trying to reach the Sevastopol bay. 50 years later this sad yet heroic episode of the glorious Sevastopol defense was immortalized for future generations. The project of the beautiful monument was designed by sculptor A. Adamson in 1904. The top of the lean Corinthian pillar is topped with a bronze eagle with his head cocked. The proud bird holds a laurel wreath, which symbolizes the glory of the Russian Fleet ships that had to be sacrificed in this dark period of the city history. The supporting wall of the quay of Primorsky boulevard is decorated with two anchors taken from the sunken ships. The memorial plaque between the anchors, which was installed in 1955, commemorates the shooting of sailors from the rebel ship Ochakov.

Address of the Monument to Sunken Ships: the Crimea, Sevastopol, Primorsky boulevard.


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