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Monument to Voroshilov in Lugansk

In front of Lugansk city council there is a monument to the first Marshal of USSR and remarkable public figure Kliment Voroshilov. The city and the spot for installing the monument were not chosen randomly: not only Voroshilov did a lot for the country in general, but also specifically for this city. In 1881 he was born in Lugansk region, in Verkhnee village of Bakhmutsky district in what used to be called Ekaterinoslav province. Nowadays this village is known as the city of Lisichansk. In 1905 he was elected the head of Lugansk city council during the tsarist regime. For decades afterwards life and work of the first Marshal of USSR and political activist was closely connected to this city.

Monument to Voroshilov

The city has more than once changed its name. From 1935 to 1958 it was called Voroshilovgrad, then until 1970 it was known as Lugansk. From 1970 to 1990 it was called Voroshilovgrad again, and now we finally know it as Lugansk. No matter what it used to be called, citizens of Lugansk remember and cherish the image of their fellow countryman, which can be clearly seen from the monument with the same name that stands in the most prestigious spot of the city. The monument became one of the leading attractions of the city and a piece of cultural heritage.

The area near the monument

The monument to K. Voroshilov was installed after the city was given the name of Voroshilovgrad the second time – in 1981. Moreover, the installation was timed to match the anniversary of the marshal. The monument was created by architects A. Dushkin and A. Posyado, who managed to incorporate all features of the epoch. The 3-meter tall granite pedestal holds a 12-meter statue of a black horse called Mauser and a rider who wears a Budenovka (a historical Soviet hat) and a uniform of a People’s Commissar of the 1930s. The image of the rider persuades the viewers that he’s got everything under control. In front of the monument there is a cozy park, and you can admire the beautiful view on the city from there.

Monument from another angle

Address of the monument: Lugansk, Kotsiubinksy street.


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