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Monument to Zheglov and Sharapov in Kiev

Near Kiev MIA you can see bronze figures of Gleb Zheglov and his partner Vladimir Sharapov, who are the characters from a popular movie Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed. The bronze sculpture group with the same name was opened there in 2009. The opening was timed to match the 90th anniversary of creating the criminal investigation department in Ukraine.

Monument to Zheglov and Sharapov

The sculpture consists of two male figures that stand closely to each other on a short bronze pedestal. Zheglov and Sharapov, the members of banditry combat department, have been guarding the entrance to the building of MIA in Kiev for several years now. Famous artists and sculptors have contributed to the creation of the sculpture, and the group was led by the President of the National Union of Artists Vladimir Chepelyk.

The cat under Zheglov's shoe

The initial project presumed that a black cat, which is a symbol for banditry, would be a separate element of the group. However, after long discussions it was decided that only a fragment of the cat will appear under Zheglov’s foot in a shoe. This scene stands for merciless fight of criminal investigation employees against criminals. The sculpture commemorates a scene from the movie, where two main heroes approach the theatre to arrest a bandit Peter Ruchnikov, who is also known as Ruchechnik.

Monument to Zheglov and Sharapov

As soon as the monument was installed, there was a sign invented: if you touch Zheglov’s or Sharapov’s shoulder and whisper your secret with into one of their ears, then luck, which is always on the shoulder of these operatives, will help you make it true. The sculpture quickly became popular among wedding couples. Newlyweds love to take photos with Zheglov and Sharapov. At the feet of the bronze figures you can often see live flowers brought there by citizens.

The creation and installment of the sculpture group was sponsored by philanthropists. Charitable and veterans organizations also contributed to the construction. Monuments to the widely popular movie characters are going to be installed near Vinnitsa municipal police department and in the centre of Mariupol.

Address of a monument to Zheglov and Sharapov: Kiev, Akademik Bogomolets street, 10.


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