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Monuments to characters of “12 chairs” in Kharkov

Citizens of Kharkov adore the works of Ilf and Petrov like no other Ukrainian city. There are 4 monuments to characters of their famous books in Kharkov.

Monument to Kisa Vorobyaninov

In August 2001 a monument to Father Fyodor was installed at the first platform of Southern station in Kharkov. The idea belongs to Konstantin Gevorkyan, the director of the “First capital” channel. The monument was unveiled at a ceremony that featured a small theatrical performance starring famous characters from the book: Ostap Bender and Ippolit Vorobyaninov. The monument depicts Father Fyodor walking with an envelope in one hand and a teapot in the other. The statue is made of bronze and stands on a marble pedestal.

The second monument is situated in Petrovskogo street. It is a monument to Kisa Vorobyaninov and was inspired by the actor Anatoly Papanov. The monument was unveiled in December 2003, and the creation of the monument was funded by the owner of “Rio” café Azar Akhmediev. The monument, which is situated outside the above mentiond café, is made of bronze and stands on a marble pedestal. The character, Kisa Vorobyaninov, asks the visitors for money with his hat that he holds in one hand, while holding a leather briefcase with a big penetrating hole in it.

Monument to Ostap Bender

Two years later the third monument to a character of the book called Ostap Bender appeared. The monument was created by sculptor Eldeniz Gurbanov and was based on the image of Sergey Yurski, the actor. The creation was once again funded by A. Akhmediev, as the new monument was an addition to the collection of sculptures that is being gathered in the courtyard of “Rio” café. Ostap Bender is made of bronze and is depicted smoking a cigarette while sitting on a bench. Since the character has always wanted to visit Rio de Janeiro, the placement of the monument seems very appropriate.

Monument to Ellochka the ogress

In spring of 2006 outside “Rio” café appeared monument to Ellochka the ogress, the sculptor is Katib Mamedov. The character is made of bronze and is depicted standing nonchalantly by a chair that might contain some diamonds, and that is the best way to depict Ellochka. The figure looks even more charming with a boa made of Mexican jerboa, which turned out to be a dyed rabbit’s fur. The sculptor based the statue on the image of actress E. Shanina.

It is very likely that new items will be added to the collection of statues, as Kharkov citizens and guests have very warm feelings for this place.

Address: Petrovskogo street, 21, “Rio” café.


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