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Shopping center "Most" in Dnepropetrovsk

Business Center Shopping center "Most" in Dnepropetrovsk, better known as Most City Center, is a huge complex with a unique concept. It combines the center of business life of the city, shopping-entertainment complex and residential apartments. It is located on the main arterial highway of Dnepropetrovsk and occupies the entire block of four streets: Plekhanov, Kharkov, Kotsyubynsky and Glinka Streets.

The total area of the complex is over 117 000 m2: shopping and entertainment complex – 66 000 m2, business center – 16 000 m2, apartment center – 18 000 m2. There is a huge parking lot for 800 cars.

Shopping and entertainment complex Most City Center has three levels with very different concepts. At zero level there are supermarkets (pharmacy, grocery, household goods, household chemicals and appliances), branches of several banks, departments of public services, etc. On the first floor there are various shops: leather goods, clothing, shoes, baby products, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, gifts and souvenirs. The second level is occupied by the biggest entertainment center in the city offering bowling, billiards, children's playground, video arcade machines, etc. Communication between levels is organized through the passenger and panoramic elevators, escalators and traditional staircases.

Apartment Centre of Most City Center has 25 floors: residential apartments are located from 7 to 25 floors: the first five floors are reserved for the ramp to enter the parking lot and on the 6th floor there is Most City Centerlocated service support. Apartments’ quadrature is from 35 to 165 m2, apartment layout is free, allowing you to create custom design of the interior space. The architects of the building constructed this center in the way, so that if it is necessary to increase the square, it is possible to combine several apartments into one.

Business Centre Most City Center has 17 floors, where the offices of Class "A" are located, which are created for companies, concerned about their image. The first five floors of the building, as well as in the apartment Trade Center center, are set aside for the ramp to enter the parking lot. 82 m2 is the minimum office space, the architects made it possible to combine several offices into one. The building's facade is fully glazed, which provides panoramic views of the city. All the rooms are equipped with modern engineering, telecommunications systems and video surveillance system.


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