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Mother's Day in Ukraine

Mother's DayMay 08 2011 Mother's Day in Ukraine

In many countries Mother's Day is celebrated on May 13. In Ukraine this day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in accordance with Presidential Decree of May 10, 1999 № 489/99.

The history of the holiday is as follows: in 1908 a young American woman, Anna Jervis from Philadelphia took the initiative to honor mothers in memory of her mother, who died prematurely. Anna wrote letters to government agencies, legislative bodies, prominent persons with the proposal to dedicate one day a year in honor of mothers.

Her efforts were crowned with success - in 1910, Virginia State recognized Mother's Day as an official holiday. Although in fact this is a holiday of eternity: from generation to generation mother is the most important person for the children.

Of course, Mother's Day - this is one of the most touching events, because each of us from childhood until his last days keeps in his heart only and unique image - the image of his mother, who will understand, forgive, always regret and will whole-heartedly love.

Day of MotherHappiness and beauty of motherhood in all ages was sung by the best artists and poets. It is no coincidence – one can determine the degree of culture and welfare of society due to the honour of women raising children in the country. Happy kids grow up in friendly family and under the tutelage of a happy mother. On this day, we heartily congratulate the dear mothers with their holiday. Let endless care, patience, love and devotion echo with the light and good in the souls of your children.

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