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Museum of the Ancient Navigation in Zaporozhye

Exhibit in Museum of Navigation in ZaporozhyeOpening of the Museum of Ancient Navigation and Shipbuilding is planned for 2012. Museum will be located between the new bridge crossings and the old bridge Preobrazhenskiy in Zaporozhye.

Although at present the museum has not yet been founded, the residents and visitors of Zaporozhye can admire the most important exhibit of the future museum - Cossack Chaika (Cossack boat), located currently in the reserve "Khortytsia". Archeologists of this reserved space restored the ancient Cossack boat, which was raised from the bottom of the Dnieper River about 10 years ago. The most of the right side of the boat, which was destroyed through the stream, had to be restored of the boards. The ship had to be soaked in paraffin and other chemical means to restore it after it spent 200 years on the river bottom. The battle ship, construction The restored Cossack Chaikaof which dates back to the first half of the XVIII century and which has a very impressive dimensions (length - 17,5 m and height 3.5 meters), could accommodate a crew of 50 people could move under sail and rowing, and was equipped with 4 cannons.

Historians and archaeologists of Zaporozhye joke that the boat sank in an excellent location. In 1739, when the ship sank, there was a huge Cossack fleet on the Dnieper River, near the coast of one of the largest islands in Europe. The fleet included the boats, which scared their enemies and captured ships. As far as the Russian-Turkish war was nearing its end, the boats were abandoned: some were burned; others were dismantled to build houses and barracks. It is believed that the found "Khortytsia" just tore off the anchor, and drifted along the shore, until finally it sank.

Cossack Chaika in Zaporozhye Museum

After the opening of the museum this valuable exhibit will be shown only in the cool place and darkness, otherwise the boat will be quickly destroyed.

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