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Museum of cultural heritage in Kiev

In the spring of 1999 a Museum of cultural heritage was officially opened in Kiev.  Its exhibitions were placed in a 1785 mansion in Moskovskaya street, which used to be the central street of the city. In the late XX century the building was completely renovated, and now the museum of cultural heritage is functioning as part of the famous History museum in Kiev.

Museum of cultural heritage

The main point of creating a museum like this is collecting and displaying to general public works by artists who for some reason have to live and work abroad. The museum displays tell about choirmasters, poets, writers, singers, and choreographers who were born in Kiev. Visitors of the museum have a chance to learn more about Ukrainian-born artists and enjoy their best works. Moreover, with the enthusiastic assistance from the museum, a lot of works have been brought back to Ukraine from overseas.

Exhibits of the museum

The main collection of the museum consists of more than 3000 valuable exhibits. You can find paintings, examples of graphic design, sculpture, decorative and applied arts. Among the exhibits there are tapes with recordings of Ukrainian festivals, newspaper articles, Ukrainian textbooks that have been published abroad, manuscripts, personal items, documents, and photos. Nowadays you can also see a portrait of Lyudmila Morozova, the famous Ukrainian artist. The museum also displays a collection of French, English, and German dishes collected by Lyudmila Morozova.

Museum of cultural heritage

The biggest hall is dedicated to the memory of Serge Lifar. There are pictures of him with Charles de Gaulle, Evita Peron, Charlie Chaplin and Georges Pompidou. The museum is especially proud of a medal that was given to Lifar by the mayor of Paris. Another hall is dedicated to V. Gorovits, the virtuoso pianist who achieved worldwide fame.

It is a well-known fact that Ukrainian theater is quite popular among emigrants, that is why the museum also displays photo documents about Ukrainian theatre troupes working in the USA, Australia, and France.

The museum often holds personal and themed exhibitions.

Address of the Museum of cultural heritage: Kiev, Moskovskaya street, 40B.


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