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Museum of electric transportation in Kiev

Every citizen of any Ukrainian metropolis had at least once ridden a tram. But not many people know that the concept of developing this vehicle was created by Fyodor Perotsky, a Ukrainian. Around 20 years ago, in 1991, a museum of electric transportation was opened in Kiev. The opening was matched to time the 100th anniversary of launching the first tram. Initially the museum was based in Kiev electric transportation plant. The collection was thoroughly picked by the former head of the museum Lidia Livinskaya. Nowadays there are over 1000 unique exhibits in the museum, including hundreds of models of trolleybuses and trams, and more than 6000 photo albums and books published in various languages.

Museum of electric transportation

Information placed on the plaques in Kiev museum tells about all stages in the development of electric transportation. You can learn about the first ever omnibus on Earth, as well as why Kiev coachmen opposed to the growing popularity of omnibuses. The collection also includes portraits of first tram drivers, who used to be called pany (masters) because of their formal work outfits with bowties. Moreover, you can see different variations of trams: rail cleaning, laboratory, and watering exhibits.

One of the models

One of the walls of electric transportation museum is covered with a large map of Ukraine. Lights on the map indicate settlements that used to have or still have municipal electric transportation. This lighting system can surprise visitors, because it might turn out that even villages and district centers have their own electric transportation systems. Another surprise is that these spots are somewhat of a tourist Mecca in Ukraine.

One of the dioramas

Visitors of the museum are always fascinated by live models of funiculars, trams, trolleybuses, and other kinds of electric transportation. The museum collection also contains a real control panel used for controlling Tatra carriages. Different stages of the history of trams in Kiev are displayed in three impressive dioramas: The Beginning (1892, Alexandrovsky descent), The War Years (1941-1945), and Kiev Today (the modern city).

Address of the museum of electric transportation: Kiev, Filatov street, 22/8.


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