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Museum of folk architecture in Chernovtsy

Although the museum of folk architecture and household is situated in the suburbs of the city, this fact doesn’t prevent citizens and guests of Chernovtsy from visiting this ethnographically oriented museum.

Museum of folk architecture in Chernovtsy

The idea of creating this museum appeared in 1906 and belonged to the members of Zalzburg scientific society. They suggested this museum to become the first project among several others based in Chernovtsy. However, the first steps aimed at implementing the objective were made by the antiquity keepers society only in 1920.

The leading organizer, and later the administrator of the project, was Vladimir Zalozetsky. In 1934 he placed the first Hutsul carved and fenced hut with gates on Tsetsino Mountain. It was intended to serve as the basis for creating a Hutsul museum in Bukovina region. The events, however, took a different directions. The hut was destroyed by a fire, and all is left are the gates that are still preserved in the museum’s exhibition. The organizers didn’t give up on their idea and kept doing their thing to benefit the society.

 An old house in the museum

Currently the exhibition of the museum features 35 valuable exhibits that characterize Ukrainian citizens of XVIII-XX centuries. The exhibition is divided into two areas: "Khotinshchina" and "Dniester region”. Later two more areas are expected to be added: “Prikarpatye’ and “Hutsulshina”.

One of the exhibits in the museum

Among the exhibits the visitors of the museum of folk architecture will get to see the houses, household and industrial buildings. There are also monuments for ancient Ukrainian architecture; for instance, a church, a smithy, a tavern, a coop, a village council, a mill, and a lot of other objects of folk architecture. Every exhibit is accompanied by the traditional interiors, national costumes, household items, books and other details and leaves a lasting impression on the visitors. For example, there are windmills in the “Khotinshchina” area that have been produced in the beginning of the last century. They are two-storeyed windmills, which is pretty common for all Bukovina windmills. This is where peasants used to make flour out of wheat for centuries. At the same time in “Dniester region” area there is a hut that used to belong to a poor peasant from Havrylivka village. The house is made of timber covered with clay. The roof of the hut is covered with reeds, and inside there is a loom, which was used by the family to earn their living.

All of the above mentioned exhibits are only a tiny part of what you can see once you visit the museum of folk architecture. A visit to the museum in Chernovtsy is a real pleasure to anyone who loves his nation and has a strong interest for his past.


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