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Museum of Hetmanate

The Museum of Hetmanate was founded in Kiev in March 11, 1993. The purpose of the museum is to tell the truth about the Ukrainian statehood, outstanding personalities of the country and the activities of the Hetman State.

P.Sagaidachnyi. Museum of HetmanateToday, the museum includes the national cultural and educational institution and the historical research institution. Here you can find monuments of spiritual and material culture devoted to the traditions and history of the Hetmanate.

Museum of Hetmanate is also called the Museum of Ivan Mazepa as far as since the XVII century, the building belonged to the Hetman Ivan Mazepa. Over the next two centuries, the new buildings were added to the original premises. Owing to the city treasury, the Ukrainian Diaspora, and the I. Mazepa Charitable Foundation, a restoration of the museum was carried out. Since its establishment, the Museum of Hetmanate has been headed by Galina Yarova. Thanks to her efforts, the museum collections are constantly replenished with new exhibits and books, and the scientific studies are conducted on a monthly basis. There are ongoing historical memorial exhibition "Hetman Ivan Mazepa", "Hetman Philip Orlik", "Pavlo Skoropadskyi and the Ukrainian state in 1918", "Painting by Victor Gontar", "Sculpture and Graphics by Museum of HetmanateLouise Chereshkevych", "Exhibition of Weaving and Embroidery by Oleksandra Prokopenko", "Exhibition of Petrikivka mMasters", "Contemplation" dedicated to Lesia Dovzhenko, and many others.

The Museum Fund has more than 2.500 books, including scientific works about the Cossacks and Hetmans, paintings, sculpture, archeology, arhegeography, sphragistics, numismatics, collection of popular science and science fiction.

The inside of the Museum of Hetmanate

The aim of the museum is to collect, preserve, use and study the historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine. Moreover, the museum often takes part in scientific conferences, debates, social and artistic events.


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