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Museum of History of Kiev

Museum of History of Kiev was founded in 1978. The exhibitions were collected from items that were either given by the Archeology Institute of the USSR AS or donated by other establishments and enterprises. Initially the museum was located on Podol, in the House of Peter I, and in 1982 the museum moved to Klovsky palace. At that time museum funds included over 36000 exhibits, and only 5-6% of them were on display. Bigger part of the exhibition consisted of archeological discoveries made in Kiev, as well as numismatic and ethnographic collections, postcards, icons and household items.

Museum of History of Kiev

In the spring of 2004 the Klovsky palace was given to the Supreme Court of Ukraine, and the museum was forced to move to the Ukrainian House in Khreschatyk. Certain parts of the collection were placed on the 4th and 5th floors, but there wasn’t enough space for the whole collection, which is why other parts of the exhibition were moved to Bulgakov’s House and House of Peter I.

One of the exhibits at the museum

The Ukrainian House was opened in 1982 as a national centre for business and culture cooperation. Until 1993 it was known as Lenin museum. The building of the Ukrainian House was designed by architects V. Gopkalo, V. Grechina, V. Kolomiets and L. Filenko. The construction was managed be an engineer V. Koval, and interior was designed by A. Ignaschenko. The Ukrainian House has a large concert hall, a media center, three exhibition halls, “A cobsar’s room”, an art gallery and other halls that are often used for literature and art meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and installations. During the Orange revolution of 2004 Viktor Yuschenko’s headquarters used to be located there.

The Ukrainian House

In the summer of 2011 Kiev officials decided to give the museum of the History of Kiev its own premises in Khmelnitskogo street. A year later the head of the museum was solemnly given a symbolic key to the new building of the museum.

Nowadays visitors can observe archeological monuments of Kievan Rus, a symbol of municipal government – a bas-relief of Archangel Michael, and personal belongings of students and teachers of P. Galagan’s college. Among the exhibits there are artworks by A. Murashko and M. Prakhova, personal items of aviation engineer O. Antonov, and other things.

Address of the Ukrainian House: Kiev, Khreschatyk, 2.

Address of the Museum of History of Kiev: Kiev. Khmelnitskogo street, 7.


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