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Museum of Olga Kobylyanskaya in Chernovtsy

A literature memorial museum of Olga Kobylyanskaya, the famous Ukrainian writer, was opened in Chernovtsy in 1944 to celebrate her anniversary. The museum was founded in the house where the writer spent her last 10 years. The 5 rooms of the apartment that used to belong to Kobylyanskaya were turned into a museum, and tow of the rooms, the bedroom and the study, were not altered. Creators of the museum took care of preserving the original state of the rooms, so that visitor could fully feel the atmosphere of this place when it was still owned by the writer.

Museum of Kobylyanskaya

Every one of the museum halls are dedicated to a certain stage in the life of Kobylyanskaya. For instance, one hall is solely dedicated to her childhood and displays exhibits that belong to the yearly years of her life. Among them you will find school exercise books, report cards, a desk lamp, first sketches and other items.

The next hall tells us about the creative life of Olga Kobylyanskaya. It is filled with a large collection of books previously owned by the writer, including works by Goethe, Shevchenko, and Byron. There are also actual published books of Kobylyanskaya, including the earliest ones.

Collection of books

One of the most valuable exhibits of the museum is the diary of Olga Kobylyanskaya. For decades it was stored abroad, and only several years ago it was transferred to the museum. The writer kept this diary for 7 years, which makes it so unique.

Study of Olga Kobylyanskaya

The final hall is dedicated to work and social activity of Olga Kobylyanskaya. Besides her books published in various languages, you will find scripts for plays based on the books, posters, portraits, and lots of other fascinating items. New exhibits are added every year, which makes the collection bigger and more valuable.

The literature and memorial museum of Kobylyanskaya regularly organizes interesting tours, creative meetings, literature conferences, which commemorate the writer and revive her work.

Address of museum of Olga Kobylyanskaya: Chernovtsy, Dimitrov street, 5.


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