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Museum of toilet history in Kiev

Museum of toilet history is the most unusual museum in Kiev. It was opened in Septenber of 2007. It is located nearby the Kiev fortress, an old defensive tower #5. The construction of the tower began in 1833 and was finished 13 years later. Initially it was used to store food, and during the soviet era there was a military warehouse. The tower has been gradually eroding: the roof thinned down and the walls were covered in fungus. In 1999 the building was completely restored, and later several premises were given to the museum of toilet history. Tourists are attracted to the museum because it’s the only museum of its kind in the CIS.

Museum of toilet history

The museum exhibition is divided in sectors, and each sector represents some kind of artistic idea based on the age of the exhibit. What is special about the exhibition is that all stages of development of toilets are represented there. It all starts with a Victorian pot, the first English WC, and ends with the latest achievement in this industry – a cutting edge toilet bowl that was developed in Japan. The first sector of the museum resembles a guardhouse and displays close-stools used by prisoners. An isolation ward was constructed specifically for this museum: a statue of a prisoner is sitting on a barrel-like close-stool.  This toilet was useful for prisoners, because the floors in the isolation ward were always filled with cold water.

Tower #5Nowadays the collection of the museum consists of around 300 exhibits. There are various toilet balls: stone, metal, porcelain; large and little. The smallest exhibit is a silver pendant shaped as a toilet bowl. Another unique object is a toilet bowl from the island of Crete. This bowl, which had its own discharge system, was used already 5000 years ago. You can also see an English Victorian WC from the XIX century, a portable German bidet from the XIX century, sewer system from a medieval tower, monastery, Far Eastern, golden, wooden, foam rubber toilets, and a lot more.

Collection of souvenirs in the museum

Besides toilet bowls, there are other related items in the exhibitions: various souvenirs, key chains, lighters, and statuettes. From the stands with useful and relevant information you can not only see the exhibits, but also find out more about the development of toilet culture of the world. This intimate object has even been addressed to in poems!

Address of museum of toilet history: Kiev, Rybalskaya street, 22.


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