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Museum of Valdimir Ivasyuk in Chernovtsy

Vladimir Ivasyuk was born in Kitsman on March 4, 1939, in picturesque Chernovtsy region. He was very gifted, and his biggest talent was being a poet and musician. This is what made him the founder of Ukraine pop music. His tragic death on May 22, 1979 became a huge loss for Ukrainian culture. This is why a memorial museum was opened in Chernovtsy to commemorate his input into Ukrainian art.

Museum of Valdimir Ivasyuk

Due to bureaucracy complications the opening of the museum was delayed by 6 years. However, once the spot for the museum was selected, the founder and first director of the memorial museum overcame the difficulties and finally opened the museum. The place for the museum was chosen to be the flat where V. Ivasyuk’s parents, writer and philologist Vladimir and Sofia Ivasyuk used to live. This flat is located at the corner of Shevchenko and Mayakovsky streets in Chernovtsy. Considering the lack of financing, organizers of the museum held various fundraisers, and once the money was collected, the flat was restored and the memorial museum was solemnly opened.

The library at the museum

The first hall of the museum displays the life of the composer starting from his birth. Besides report cards, performance reports, first achievements displayed by diplomas, and children's drawings, you can also see the first and only record made by Vladimir Ivasyuk, where S. Rotaru performed songs written by him and beloved by the whole country: Chervona Ruta and Vodograi.

The second and third halls are dedicated to Valdimir Ivasyuk’s parents. The first room is the father’s study, which is valuable not for rich interior, but rather for intellectual treasures – a big library that contains a lot of unique books that used to belong to the family. Another room, that used to be a bedroom, exhibits documental history of the family.

The fourth hall is the personal room of Vladimir Ivasyuk. The central spot there is taken by a piano that the composer used to work on. There is also a coffee table, a small cupboard that was used as a wardrobe, and a lot of pictures on the walls.

Vladimir Ivasyuk's room

The fifth hall sums up everything you saw before and offers a display of creative life of Vladimir Ivasyuk, the person who founded Ukrainian pop music scene.

Address of museum of Ivasyuk: Chernovtsy, Mayakovsky street, 40.


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