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National museum of medicine in Kiev

The National museum of medicine is located in a building where the Dissecting hall of medical department of Kiev University used to be. The building was constructed by an architect Alexander Beretti. The construction was initiated by professor Alexander Walter, the famous Kiev anatomist, in 1853. The building was constructed in the style of late classicism and belongs to the architectural monuments of the XIX century.

The building of the museum

A museum of medicine was decided to be constructed in the early 1960s. it appeared due to the work of Alexander Grando, the outstanding Ukrainian medical historian and professor of Department of social hygiene and public health organization of Kiev medical institute named after Bogomolets. For a long time the members of the administration group worked on their own and looked for the exhibits and materials themselves. Leonid Mezhirov was appointed the head keeper of museum funds.

Until 2004 Alexander Grando, who was the founder, ruled the museum of medicine. Since 2005 the institution has been headed by a doctor of medical science and honored doctor Vadim Shipulin.

A painting at the museum

The collection of the museum consists of exhibits that tell the story of medical science in Ukraine since the early days. Visitors can view photos, books, tools, anatomical samples, personal belongings of famous doctors, medicine and pharmacy instruments.

Especially appealing to the visitors are unique technical and architecture and art demonstration devices, which include audiovisual tools. The authors of this technology are Anatoly Utash and Vladimir Kivlyuk. The architecture design of halls and displays was designed by an artist A. Kryzhopolsky.

An old medical textbook

Decorators managed to recreate the original interiors that include portraits of famous doctors and scholars. Moreover, there are a few dioramas devoted to the most outstanding events in the history of Ukrainian medicine. The portrait figures made from dental plastics have been produced by a sculptor and artist, a honored worker of culture Spartak Britan. There are also art pieces on medicine themes.

The National museum of medicine is famous all over Europe for its education, publishing and exhibition work.

Address of the National museum of medicine: Khmelnitskogo street, 37.


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