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Nativity of Sergius church in Kharkov

The Nativity of Sergius church in Kharkov is the best building that was built in 2001 in Kharkov. The church, which is 46 meters tall, took 5 years to build and 5 million bricks were spent. It’s notable that the Nativity of Sergius church emerged at a crossroad where Alekseevka crosses Pavlovo field, which looks like a crossroad of two eras.

Nativity of Sergius church in Kharkov

Everyone who heads to Alekseevka from the underground station “23 of August” will always be greeted by the snow-white impressive church. It even seems like it’s gradually growing and coming closer to the traveler.

The construction began in 1998. A year later the lower church of St. Sergius of Radonezh was consecrated by Metropolitan Nicodemus of Bogodukhov and Kharkov in January of 1999. He consecrated not the foundation or a stone that symbolized the construction, as it often happens, but the lower church that had already been used for service. The upper church was consecrated in November of 2001.

The road to the church

Every stage of the construction of The Nativity of Sergius church in Kharkov, from building to decorating, was supervised personally vicar-bishop Izyumsky Onuphrii. He was appointed rector of the new church, and Onuphrii was thorough in finishing the construction.

Moscow officials, under the assistance of Russian embassy in Ukraine, presented the church two carved wooden floor kiots with an icon of St. Nicholas and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The dome of the church

On Christmas Eve of 2007 Metropolitan Nicodemus of Bogodukhov and Kharkov consecrated the icons and the mural paintings of the upper church. The white walls of the church are decorated with colorful marvelous paintings and ornate interior. Main life stages of the Savior are depicted on numerous frescoes – from birth till painful death on the cross, followed by resurrection. To preserve the paintings it was covered with wax, which gives it an antique look.

The stained glass windows at the church are also unique, as they account for 84 square meters. The windows have been created according to the standard procedure that consists of fastening of individual pieces of colored glass with metal partitions of special profile.

The new Nativity of Sergius church in Kharkov is a marvelous place in Kharkov that certainly deserves attention of both Ukrainian citizens and foreign tourists.

The church is situated in Kharkov, in Lenina avenue, 65.


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