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New Year 2012 in Lviv

New Year 2012 in LvivIf you want to feel a real spirit of Christmas and New Year, to escape from everyday hustle and bustle, get real emotions of the ancient European city, you need to go to Lviv - the city of Christmas tales. We offer you several options for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Lviv.

New Year in Olesky castle

In a mysterious New Year's Eve inside the ancient castle you will join a miraculous atmosphere, when you can wish anything and it should come true for sure. Guests will have an opportunity to participate in knights’ fights for the heart of beautiful ladies. The program will include noble dances, Christmas entertainment, ride on a sled, a concert of medieval music and a master-class of medieval dances. Guests will also celebrate the beginning of the New Year with mulled wine under the stars. The Cost of the program - 1500 UAH. (190USD) for one person.

“Salo” restaurant and museum

Salo restaurant in Lviv“Salo” restaurant and museum will have a unique program with the name “Slao-Samurai or how Cossacks are meeting the Dragon”. The lagged of restaurant says: “When the dragons were so fat that salo dripped from them and a normal pig could only be a dream. When the first Cossack stepped to the Fuji mount, start up a friendship between Ukrainian and Japan people. This friendship carried a bit of East to Lviv, in which is located the heart of Ukraine. The heart is made from Salo.” This New Year's Eve will be full of East extravaganza and full of Ukrainian generosity. You will find here an atmosphere of Japanese Lviv and Ukrainian Tokyo. You will get there through the Ukraine-Japan border point. Registered Cossacks - Peter Salo and Samurai Sanboris will help you not miss your dragon. The restaurant will treat guests with rolls of any taste and salo of any shape. The holiday will start at 22.00.

“Dim Legend” (The House of Legends)Dim Legend Lviv

“Dim Legend” is not just a restaurant it is one of the most unusual places in Lviv. At the entrance you will be greeted by a chimney sweep, who will tell you a lot of wonderful legends. Do not forget to touch a button on his clothes and make a wish. According to legend of Lviv your dream will come true. The restaurant promises to help you to watch the Christmas weather and Lviv lions, to monitor time and to tame the Dragon. Suggested menu price is 200 hryvnas (25USD) per person.

Recreation base "Buhta Vikingov” (thee Viking Bay)

Recreation base "Buhta Vikingov” offers the New Year program with congratulations of Ded Moroz, disco on the ice, sleigh rides in the horse carriage, ice skating, fireworks and entertainment program. Accommodation will cost from 1,200 to 2,500 hryvnas (150-315USD). In the New Year's Eve entertainment program in the restaurant will cost 1000 hryvnia (115 USD) per person.

New Year in style of Euro-2012 in "Galaktika"

Guests of "Galaktica" (Galaxy) entertainment center will see the festival in the style of Euro 2012. The program includes show ballet, fireworks, contests, prizes and gifts. The main prize of the evening will be a trip for two people to Europe. The cost of the celebration is 550 hryvnas (70USD) per preson.

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