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New Year 2012 in Odessa

New Year rush has already started in Odessa. That makes no matter whom are you waiting for the New Year's Eve – Ded Moroz, Santa Claus or Joulupukki - a variety of Christmas programs in Odessa will not leave you without a gift. The list of places to celebrate New Year 2012 in Odessa created by UA-traveling will help you to make the best choice.
Those who decided to celebrate New Year's Eve at the main Christmas tree of Odessa, will not be bored.

Dumskaya sqare

Main Christmas Tree in Odessa

The holiday concert will start at 8pn and will run until 3 o'clock in the morning. Popstars will be performing Ukrainian and foreign music for the guests of the holiday. Two planned fireworks will be displayed, the first Governor's Christmas treeone before the New Year and the second at 00:10 after the broadcast of the speech of the President of Ukraine. The second fireworks will last about 5 minutes. In addition exactly at 12pm the 2011 white balloons will fly into the sky. They will lift to the clouds a real pearl which is one of the city symbols. At Primorskiy boulevard will be placed portable stands with a variety of sweets. They will start working at 5pm on December 31.

Governor's Christmas tree

This year the Governor's Christmas tree of Odessa will stand in Shevchenko Park. Near the 16-meter high firtree which was collected from 350 pine trees is located Lunapark. The fans of an active New Year celebration will definitely prefer this place. Since December 17 here was also opened a skating rink.

New Year in restaurants and clubs of Odessa

For those who can afford to pay for the entry of the order more than $200 open their doors Odessa restaurants and Clubs.

"Glechik" restaurant

In "Glechik" restaurant the festivities will New Year in Restaurantstart from the street. Near the restaurant will be placed a fire where guests will be met with a mug of hot mulled wine. Here will be the performance of "Grand music" ensemble. The holiday table have holodets, duck, rabbit, barbecue, vodka and champagne.

"Zimny" club

"Zimny" club offers a show in the style of "Goluboi Ogoniok" (the name of a famous New Year Show, translated from Russian as “blue fire”). Ded Moroz and his beautiful Snegurochka will entertain guests till morning. New Year celebration will cost 800 hryvnas (100 USD) per person. The show starts at 8pm.

“Sady Pobedy" Club

“Sady Pobedy" (Victory Gardens) Club program starts at 11pm. The holiday program will include performances of the winner of Eurovision Anda Adam and the "Vacuum" groupe from Sweden. The Price is 1200-2800 hrivnas (150-350USD) per person.

New Year under water

New Year under Water

Those who love extreme can dive together with the Odessa divers. The divers take with them a small Christmas tree, Christmas attributes and champagne. If weather permits, you can celebrate the New Year 2012, even at a ship which went down long ago. Such celebrations need to be agreed in advance. New Year celebration under water will cost about $100, but the price is not fixes and to be discussed individually.

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