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Best Ways to Celebrate New Year in Kiev

New Year is approaching, the time of wishes and fairy tales. And everyone wants to celebrate New Year in a special way, but how? This question is raised by many those, who are tired of the usual celebration of the greatest festival in the world. New Year in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is a separate issue, since there are many opportunities and proposals, and there is the biggest problem - the problem of choice!New Year in Kiev

1. New Year in Kiev Tram

The holiday can be celebrated by ordering the tram for the whole overnight. It is planned to give 4 trams from 23.00 to 3.00. These are ordinary cars that drive around the city, only with beautiful curtains and a long table at the entrance. You can decorate them yourself beforehand. There will also run one VIP-train - tram café with soft colored sofas and tables. You can also rent a trolley or subway car.
The cost of such an original way to celebrate the New Year will cost 2200 UAH.

2. New Year at the height of 92 meters over Kiev

At the very midnight, two of you can get on the shield of the monument "Mother Motherland". And if there are more than two people – you can only get on the area on the height of 36 meters. It is allowed to take a bottle of champagne with. By agreement with management you can rent cafe of the museum of the Great Patriotic War.

3. New Year in a Pool with Dolphins

Dolphinarium "Nemo" offers the swimming pool with the dolphins to celebrate the New Year. You can rent a pool, decorated with all sorts of holiday attributes. Another option is to celebrate New Year in a sauna.

4. New Year in Limousine

You’ve never celebrated the New Year in such a way! Just imagine: you're in a luxurious limo with champagne and gourmet hors d'oeuvres, gathered your closest friends and celebrate the New Year ... on the couch. But behind the windows there are the elegant streets of the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev, merry people. And you have fun, sing karaoke, watch holiday videos and most importantly - drive on to all your friends and family, and originally congratulate them to the New Year 2011! This idea will suit small companies up to 16 people. However, such the original way to celebrate the New Year suits to the couples. The average rental cost of limousine is 2000 UAH.“Mamaeva Sloboda”

5. Not far from the center of Kiev there is an amazing place, called “Mamaeva Sloboda”

98 objects, which are collected in a closed-kept area, bring the visitors in the 17-18 century. The wooden Church of the Holy Virgin, the hut of potter, blacksmith, fortune-teller and the Ukrainian Cossacks, tavern with a significant title “Kosa nad Charkoy” (Scythe over Cup) recreate the image of the Cossack era in the times of Zaporizhian Sich. December 31, 2010 Kiev residents and visitors have a unique opportunity to get to the Cossack festive meal, to celebrate the New Year 2011 as it was in Ukraine centuries ago. The guests of “Sloboda” will see the comic Cossack show; listen to the delight holiday chime of 13 church bells, performed by one of the best bell-ringers in Ukraine. Dances, Cossack funs, jokes - New Year will be unusual and fun.

6. One can celebrate the New Year 2011 on Trukhanov Island

The New Year banquet, contests and sweepstakes, modern music, fireworks and Ded Moroz (Santa Claus) and Snow Maiden in the New Year's Eve. To make the morning after the banquet good, guests can enjoy a special anti-hangover breakfast. Well, one can finally come to himself through the dip in the ice hole, sauna and shashlik.

New Year in the Restaurants of Kiev

In addition to original ways to meet this holiday, there are more quiet, romantic and classical versions. Restaurants of the capital city of Ukraine offer special menus, concert programs and many other attractions. Here are the most interesting ones: InterContinental Kiev

1. One of the restaurants of the hotel “InterContinental Kiev” offers to celebrate the New Year 2011 on the roof of the most respectable hotel in the Ukrainian capital city. Fine cocktails, hot dances with the best friends - you will never forget this New Year party! The whole city is at your feet. With a bird's-eye view you'll enjoy Kiev, decorated with illuminations and fireworks. The show in the disco style will last until the morning, each pair of the organizers will get a bottle of champagne as a gift.

2. For those who love carnivals, it may be advisable to celebrate New Year 2011 in restaurant "Déjà vu". For its guests the restaurant prepared the New Year's Eve party in the spirit of 60-ies. New Year's Eve will be on the sound of music in a disco in the performance of the band "Flirt". The culmination of the holiday will be competition for the best carnival costume and the festive drawing of vacation package in one of the countries where it is always warm and sunny.

3. Cat in Boots! To spend New Year in the warm and magical atmosphere, the restaurant “Tripolye” offers to plunge in the New Year's fairy tale "Cat in Boots”! Fabulous animated characters will delight not only you but also your children, and the music of 80's and 90's will brighten up the festive mood.

4. The partisan New Year. December 31 at Forest beer club "Partisan" you will have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the world's most famous rabbits, and become guests of this New Year's musical. On this festive evening, the guests of Partisan will see the performance of seductive humorists of the duo "Malinki" and the owner of an amazing voice, Ukrainian Susan Boyle, the winner of the project “Superzіrka” Victoria Korzhenok!New Year in Kiev. Ukraine

5. Soviet New Year! In one evening you will have a fantastic opportunity to plunge and experience the significant events and phenomena, which now seem funny, of those times - a historical chronicle, music, and dance halls, fashion and style, the first video, good movies of the country that conjures up fear and admired at the same time - USSR. The program also includes traditional dishes of the Soviet feast - salad “Olivier”, sandwich with red caviar, Soviet champagne ... Lots of contests and, of course, fireworks are waiting for you at the restaurant “Okhotnichy Khutor” (Hunt Farm).

6. Latin American New Year! Make a New Year's trip to Latin America to get together with a restaurant "Jardin". You find yourself in a hot continent, where the Pope Noel will be your guide into the countries of carnivals, theatrical performances and fun! This night will be miracles! Traditional mandarins become exotic fruits, salad "Olivier" turns into "Ensalada Rusa", and New Year Party - in the "Christmas Carnival"!

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