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Church of St. Nicholas in Dnepropetrovsk

St. Nicholas ChurchSt. Nicholas Church appeared due to the existence of the Dnepropetrovsk plant, where 90% of employers were Poles, who were in the Roman Catholic community. The former director of the plant, Ignatius Yasyukovich, decided to build a church. However, taking into account the possible negative reaction of the Orthodox population on the construction of Catholic Church, he decided first to build an Orthodox church, and then the catholic one.
In 1895 there started the construction of the church, the architect of which was Marian Hormansky, who created the draft of neo-Gothic church. On the eastern facade the building is decorated with two towers, rising up to 33 meters. The main facade is decorated with wooden carvings and art smithery, and the arched window over the central Gothic doors, is larger than the main entrance to the church. St. Nicholas Church in DnepropetrovskThe downspouts are in the form of gargoyles, and the bird's-eye view of the very building resembles the shape of the Latin cross lying on the ground.

Church of St. Nicholas is built of yellow brick, and includes the 500 parishioners. The building of the temple has lasted for more than two years, and upon the completion of construction there was nailed the plate on the wall of the church, reporting that the Parish Church of St. Nicholas was built in the years 1895-1897 on the initiative of Ignatius Yasyukovich on the donations of employees and workers of the plant, as well as thanks to Metallurgical Community.
The church had experienced a lot of restoration work and many difficult years over its history. So, in 1902 the temple walls have been re-painted and decorated; the wooden fence was replaced with forged gothic Church of St. Nicholaslattice, and over the main entrance there emerged the statue of the Virgin Mary. In 1929, the government took the Catholic Church and opened the Polish club in the building. At the beginning of XX century, the Catholic community began to carry out works to save the temple. Thanks to their efforts, the church was restored. And since 1991 the divine services have been carried out every day.


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