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Nicholas Church in Chernovtsy

There is a lot of wonderful places on Earth. Sometimes you carry on with your life without thinking about what could be outside the well-known native city. But if you start wondering what goes on around you, you will notice how fascinating and beautiful the surrounding world is.

The Nicholas Church in Chernovtsy

For instance, if you come to visit the small Ukrainian city of Chernovtsy, you will definitely come across one of its greatest sites – the Saint Nicholas Church. What is especially interesting about this building is its unique twisted domes that led to the church being called “the drunk cathedral”. The witnesses claim that when you see these domes, it feels like they are either bending or even about to fall to the ground. This gives the church even more charm – the Nicholas church is perfect because of its imperfection.

The church was built by the archbishop I. Nanesku, who was inspired by the Romanian medieval architecture – the royal church of the middle XIV century in Curtea de Arges. The leading architects were Walter Shtyubhen-Kyuhner,Virgil Ionescu and Joseph Letner. The domes that weigh 948 and 593 kilos were manufactured in Transilvania and by November 2, 1938 they have been already placed where they were meant to be. The church was consecrated on December 6, 1939.

The dome from the inside

Although the construction of the church was not an easy task and there were several complications, every issue has been overcome and the church welcomed its first parish.

The architects intended the Nicholas church to have the shape of a cross. Its main entrance has an outdoor porch that is quite popular in Romanian churches – a porch with an arc and pillars. The west and the east of the church are decorated with five-pointed apses. The appearance of the church reminds both of the “brynkovyanu” style, which comes from the Italian Renaissance, and the Romanian architecture.

The view on the church

The most unique feature of the Nicholas church is the twisted reels of the small domes – the special layering makes the domes look bent and almost falling down, which makes the church look more alive.

The Nicholas Church is decorated in a ornate Romanian style that takes its roots from the 19th century and Constantine Brynkovyanu. This heritage had a big impact on the way the church looks. It is a real monument for the ancient art and spirit.


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