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Nicholas Roman Catholic Church (House of Organ and Chamber Music) in Kiev

Nicholas Roman Catholic Church in KievNicholas Church is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas, which has been used as the house of organ and chamber music since 1980.

The building of the church began in 1899 and there were used many innovative technologies. For example, the foundation was laid on concrete piles; there was widely used the new building material – reinforced concrete. The building of the church is constructed in Gothic style, it is decorated with steeples and towers, it has the pronounced crisp proportions and clarity of the structure. The murals and stained glass, which decorated the church, have not survived to our days. House of Organ and Chamber Music in Kiev

After the repression of the clergy, the looting and the closure of the church, its sad fate during World War II, Nicholas church was completely renovated and refurbished in 1978 due to the decision to establish the Republican House of Organ and Chamber Music in Kiev.
Nowadays there are held regularly divine services in the church. Along with divine service there are the concert performances of creative groups, among them: Trio “Ravisan”, Ensemble of classical music named after B. Liatoshynsky, chamber ensemble “Kiev”, Quartet in name of Mykola Lysenko, Chamber Ensemble “Kiev-Brass”. However, the building itself is not liable to return to the churches.


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