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Nikitsky Botanic Garden. Wonderful sight of the Crimea

Nikitsky Botanic Garden is one of the most prominent sights of the South Ukraine. Nikitsky Botanic Garden chrysanthemumsCoast of Crimea. It is located close to Yalta, by the shores of the Black Sea.  Here you can visit either Livanian cedar forest or Caucasian brushwood or bamboo forests of Vietnam. You’ve just seen the Italian landscape and in some steps you’re in the forest of Himalayas. You’ll hardly find the place on the earth where the Asia unites with the South America and on the background of the European flora emerges the Indian lilac.

In galleries and hothouses there are a lot of rare tropical plants: azaleas, camellias, orchids, palm trees. Flowerbeds are always full of tulips, narcissus, hyacinths, lilies, fuchsias, carnations, chrysanthemums. Great impression makes the gallery of cactuses especially in the period of flowering. 

Nikitsky Botanic Garden is often called the green pantry of the Crimea. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Ukraine. The botanic garden Ukraine. Crimea Nikitsky botanic gardenwas founded in the autumn 1812 and named after the settlement. The post of the director was offered to 30-years old Christian Steven. He was well-educated, conscientious person who was aware of the needs of the agriculture in the south of Russia. He considered the main aim was to draw in different foreign plants. Nikitsky botanical garden became the ancestor of the parks and gardens created in the subtropical regions of our country. Nikitsky Botanic Garden is also considered to be the founder of the scientific and industrial wine-growing in Crimea.

Nikitsky Botanic Garden is particularly rich in medicinal plants. You should not try to collect them yourself — they are offered for sale dried and packed, and also you can buy booklets that provide exhaustive information on the plants you buy. Herbs, teas, and preparations made from the medicinal plants are offered in most of the sanatoria, rest Ukraine. Crimea Nikitsky Botanic garden Flowershomes and health-improvement centers. The Crimean medical plants are good not only for treating internal diseases but for improving the skin condition as well.

Today Nikitsky Botanic garden is not only a park-garden but also scientific-academic statement of Ukraine. Its employees are working hard to give visitors knowledge about nature and scientific achievements of Nikita.


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