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1350 years old Oak is the oldest tree of Ukraine

Five people can hardly grip the 1350 years old oak. This old oak which is Ukraine. Oak in rivnenska regioncalled “Prince Igor’s tree” is a unique mixture of the natural treasure and the historical heritage. The oldest tree of Ukraine grows in the estate Yuzefin in the district Rokytnin in the north of Rivne region. Since the 15th century the estate Yuzefin belonged to the ownership of the breed of Ukrainian-Lithuanian Princes Radzivils that’s why these places were called Radzivilivska Pusha. Radzivils were the leaders of the Great Lithuanian Principality in the 30th of the 19th century and one of the representatives of their breed Barbara was coronated with the Pole King Sigizmund.

Nowadays the estate “Yuzefinska Dacha” is the sight of nature of the state meaning. “Yuzefinska Dacha” is situated in the forest between the settlements Glynne and Berezove. To get there one needs to depart from the district centre in the direction to the villages Vezhytsya, Perehodychi or Drozdyn. The buses depart in every 2-3 hours. The nearest to the oak station is on the 40th km from Rokytne near the nunnery of Iverian Icon of Mother of God.

The oldest tree in UkraineThe Oak is 8, 5 m in seize (around). Close to it grow thinner oaks 500-600 years old. The oldest tree enters the Records Book of Ukraine. Its altitude is 20 m. The forest rangers fenced the oak. Several times the oak was stricken by the lightning. One of them struck the oak on 28 of June 1997 and cut the thickest branch and the crust.

Considers the conventuals this place is beneficial. Sometimes they take to the oak the pilgrims and tourists themselves. They say soul purges here and the trees live on God’s Power. That’s why the oak stays so long. The nunnery was established 11 years ago. It’s said that in the middle Ages here in the sky emerged the orthodox Christ. The peasants saw the gold seal and some letters above the oak but they could not read it.

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