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Odessa Cathedral. Odessa Transfiguration Church

Odessa CathedralOdessa Cathedral, aka Odessa Transfiguration Church, is the largest Orthodox Church in Odessa, laid down in 1794, consecrated in 1808, destroyed in 1936, re-consecrated after the restoration in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2010. Orthodox Cathedral is located in the center of Cathedral Square, next to the building of the temple there is a monument to Prince Vorontsov and the fountain-monument in honor of the city water supply.

After the consecration of Odessa in 1794, it was decided to build a church in honor of Nicholas Miracle-man at the Cathedral Square. The first stone was laid in 1795, it was planned to spend 2 years for construction, but the consecration of the church was held only in 1808. At the same time cathedral got its name: the main altar was consecrated in the name of the Transfiguration, the right one - in the name of Saint Nicholas of Myra, and the left one - in the name of Saint Spiridon.

Odessa Transfiguration ChurchIn the Odessa Transfiguration Church there was no bell tower, it was completed later in 1837, although the project for construction was approved back in 1825.

Since 1837 there were constant modifications and alterations in the Transfiguration Church. Thus, it was expanded, facades were changed, interiors were rebuilt, bell tower was decorated. The entrance was paved with white marble, iconostasis – with grayish-white, columns were covered with artificial white marble. By 1903 Orthodox Cathedral was one of the most beautiful and largest in the Russian Empire.

In 1936 the cathedral was completely destroyed. At first it was ransacked, and then dismantled in the stones. The only Transfiguration Church in  Odessathing that remained intact after such barbarism - the foundation. During the reign of the Bolsheviks on the site of the main altar there was planned to construct toilets, the holy place was rescued by academician Filatov. There appeared the fountain, named the vase of Filatov, which was moved in 2005 during the works on the restoration of the cathedral, conducted by donations from residents, tourists and legal entities.


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