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Odessa port

Odessa PortOdessa sea port is located on the Black Sea coast in the Gulf of Odessa. It is a major trading port of international importance; it has one of the largest passenger terminals in Europe and is regarded as the main cruise port in Ukraine. Port includes more than 6 harbors, and in the Russian Empire Odessa port was the second of traffic.

1794 is the year of the start of construction of Odessa port. The first draft of the port was developed by De Volan. Being reconstructed the port acquired its present appearance by 1850.

During the Crimean War in 1854 and the Great Patriotic War in 1941 Odessa sea port has played the significant role in protecting the city. The port greatly facilitated the delivery of munitions and equipment in the city, the evacuation of urban residents and wounded was carried out through the very port. After the Second World War the port was badly damaged: there were burned storehouses and warehouses. Less than six months the Herculean efforts of Odessa citizens have brought fruit: in early October 1944 the port received and unloaded the first ships, and by 1946 the port of Odessa has exceeded its pre-war turnover.

Port in OdessaThe first post-passenger steamship on the route between Odessa, Evpatoria and Yalta, appeared in 1828. A year later there appeared another one, and in 1833 there was created joint-stock company “Black Sea Society of Steamships”, which owned three ships. After 11 years, there was formed a new society, "Expedition of steamship communications", which possessed 12 ships. By June 1846 there began a permanent ferry service between the ports of the Danube River and Odessa, and a year later there took place the foundation of the society "Russian Society of Steamship line and Trade", which later became powerful and famous.

In 1872 in the port there was built the overpass. It corresponded as a railroad overpass with the length of 4 km, which stretched across the port. The decks were made of thick wooden boards, planks and logs. During the June fire in 1905 the overpass was destroyed in flames, but several years later it was rebuilt, supplied with the latest technology. Winter 1920 was the last time for the overpass: due to the lack of heating Odessa citizens had to dismantle it and burn.

Odessa Port. UkraineThe port warehouses experienced the same tragic fate. They were burned and looted in 1905 similar to the overpass, then rebuilt and again looted by the French interventionists.

Today, Odessa seaport can boast berths, length 8 km, the reconstructed sea station, the hotel “Odessa”, standing in the sea, harbor tugs, floating cranes, large vessels, etc.


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