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Odessa Zoo

Zoo in OdessaOdessa Zoo, which met the first visitors in 1938, is located in the center of the city, near the famous Odessa market “Privoz”.

The idea of creating a zoo first appeared in 1889, but the embodiment of this idea has not happened. In 1914 there was created the project of its creation anew, but World War I and the Civil War postponed the start of construction of the zoo.

The first construction of the zoo dates back to 1922 year. The place of its location was chosen Primorsky Boulevard, but the lack of funding and the unsuitable area influenced the decision of city authorities, so the zoo was closed.

Odessa ZooFive years later, in the Soviet Union there was declared a competition to design a zoo in Odessa. After some hesitation there were taken three plans, and the construction began in 1929. Initially it was planned to open the part of the zoo for visitors in 1930, but these intentions have failed.

In the late 30-ies of the XX century with tremendous efforts it was managed to build the zoo. It was located on the territory of the former cemetery and worked on self-financing. Decades later, in 1992, the zoo received the status of the protected area of national importance. It became the part of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine.

Now Odessa Zoo has rare species of animals listed in the Red Book. Many animals are of successful breeding: Indian elephant cow gave birth to three cubs, and the Amur leopard, or snow leopard, - two kittens. In total zoo has more than 200 species of animals.

Zoo in Odessa. UkraineThe employees of Odessa Zoo not only put great attention to breeding and raising animals, they also spend enormous amount of work on youth education. Thus, there are always arranged environmental holidays and tours for children and students.


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