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Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre of S.A. Krushelnytska

Lviv Opera and Ballet TheatreLviv Opera and Ballet Theatre of S.A. Krushelnytska is also known as Lviv National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of S.A. Krushelnytska. It is located on the Prospect of Freedom, 28.

Despite the long existence of the theatrical group in Lviv, it was decided to build a separate building for it only at the end of the XIX century, so in 1895, it was announced the competition to design the building. The winner of this contest was the director of the Art School Z. Gorgolevsky, who suggested the best place to build the theater. He proposed to start construction in the city center, and due to the fact that in the XX century the entire center was built, Gorgolevsky provided a draft on which the city river Poltva was covered with concrete vaults, which should hold the theater building. Following the approval of the project there began the three-year construction in June 1897. All construction and excavation works were led by Z. Gorgolevsky.

Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre of S.A. KrushelnytskaThe theater building was constructed in the classical tradition in the style of Viennese pseudo Renaissance: architecture combined the styles of Baroque and Renaissance, the interior was decorated with works by famous sculptors and artists. The decor was developed by A. Popel, Z. Rozvadovsky, P. Voitovich, M. Gerasimovich, S. Reyhan and others.
The ceremonial opening of the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater was held on Oct. 4, 1900. It was named Big City Theatre (the name changed only in 1939), and the festival, dedicated to its opening, was attended by the writer Henryk Sienkiewicz, artist G. Semiradsky and composer I. Paderewski. The first performance, shown on the new stage, was a dramatic opera by V. Zhelensky "Yanek".

34 years later the theater was closed for five years because of the economic crisis. In 1939, this building hold people’s meetings of Western Ukraine and soon after the theatrical group work again resumed.

With the opening of the theater, it was known as Lviv State Opera House, in Opera and Ballet Theatre of S.A. Krushelnytska in Lviv1956 it was named after Ivan Franko, and 10 years later, in 1966, it received the honorary title of "academic". In the late 70-ies of XX century the building of the theater was closed for renovation and opened in 1984, and in 1996 in this building there was another meeting of the Presidents of countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


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