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Outdoor rest near Kiev

As soon as spring comes, Kiev internet forums are always filled with questions like “Where should I go for a picnic near Kiev?” or “What is the best place to go camping?”. If you ask something like that, you will receive dozens of answers, but the right answer is not easy to find. This is not really surprising – people who already have a favorite spot are usually reluctant to share it with others. Moreover, different people value different qualities of a certain destination, which is why we’ll now try to tell you more about camping sites near Kiev that will suite any taste or budget.

Beach near Kiev

To begin with, there are not too many options. If you’re not intending to travel for more than 4 hours, you are most likely to end up in wooden summer cottages, hotel and restaurant complexes, housings, medical sanatoriums, and children’s camps.

The nearest travel destinations (up to 1 hour from Kiev) are Osokorky (Dnieper and lakes), Koncha-Zaspa (Kozynka river), Puscha-Voditsa (lakes). Recreation bases at Desna (Vyshgorod and Borvary districts), the right bank of Kiev Sea, Irpen river, Irpen, Vorzel and Bucha lakes are also nearby.

Not far from Kiev in Zhornovka village (Kiev-Svyatoshin district) has a picturesque meadow. On the bank of Irpen you can go camping, make BBQ or have a swim. These areas are not overcrowded. Also you can go to Goloseevsky forest. Technically the forest is located in Kiev, but the nature and local animals make you forget the big city life. On the bank of the lake there are comfortable wooden arbors. On the left bank of Dnieper there are also plenty of attractive destinations. For example, you can go and have rest in tents in Darnitskoe forestry, or use the local handmade furniture. If you don’t have a personal vehicle, take the subway to Krasny Khutor station. There are no residential areas there yet, but right near the station there is a beautiful forest. However, this place is quite popular among Kiev citizens, so solitude is out of question. Past the left bank of Dnieper you can have picnic at Lesnoe and Almaznoe lakes near Pogreby village.

Houses for rent near Kiev

Kiev citizens don’t have to travel to the Crimea or Odessa to swim in the sea – all they have to do is to drive for 15 minutes out of the city and get to a big water reservoir that is best known as Kiev Sea. The landscapes there are marvelous, and Buksky canyon above the Gorny Tikich river is considered to be one of the most picturesque places in Ukraine. There you can see not only a 2-meter rolling waterfall, but also the remains of an old mill, which was the first Ukrainian hydropower plant. In Rovshy village there are also nice meadows surrounded by pine forest.  Drivers come here for picnics, and nearby there is also a country sector. Along the banks of the Sea you can visit Lebedivka, Rybstan and Oseschina villages.

You cannot think of a better place to have a picnic than Ukrainian village. This open-air museum combined with a picnic zone with arbors and braziers is what you need, especially in spring, when the ground is not warm yet. However, be prepared to pay from 150 UAH ($19) per hour for a picnic there. Ukrainian village is located in Buzovaya village and even has a small zoo.

Houses in Vyscha Dubechnia

Citiznes of Kiev also like to go to Novosyolki, Vyscha Dubechnia and Pyrnovo (Vyshgorod district) because of attractive landscapes, close location to the city, and affordable prices. Offers range from soviet-style wooden houses and former children’s camps to decent hotels, complexes, sanatoriums and housings. Most of medical-related facilities are located in Koncha-Zaspa and Puscha-Voditsa, but be ready to pay a considerable sum of money for having rest there, as these places are quite popular with Kiev elite. Wooden houses and high-end camps can be found at Kiev Sea. Nowadays this area is being actively developed. Vyshgorod hills are a perfect spot for a picnic, but there is a disadvantage – this place is visited a lot, so you’d better come here as early as possible. As for Irpen, Vorzel and Bucha, there are a lot of sanatoriums and ordinary recreation bases.

Irpen river

An hour or two from Kiev there are several well-known places for fishers and hunters along the right bank of Kiev Sea up to the mouth of Teterev river. On the left bank of Desna there are lots of children’s camps, recreation bases and sanatoriums. They are mostly located in Nadinovka, Ladinka, Sokolovka and Lebedinka. Getting to Bila Tserkva and Boguslav districts will also take you an hour or two, and there you can have rest in tents in Rakitnoe village. There are also bases with panel summer houses. Near Boguslav at Ros river recreational areas are located in the outskirts of Moskalenki and Dybentsy. Another popular destination is the border of Cherkassy and Kiev regions, between Stebliv and Klerivka villages. Nature there is amazing!

Now let’s turn to travel destinations on the way to Zhitomir. Close to Kiev there is Belichi village with a beautiful lake surrounded by a forest. However, the view is slightly spoiled by urban landscapes and a large number of tourists. Next you’ll see Gavrovschina village. There is a water reservoir on Zbruch river and a lot of meadows on its banks. Not far from there is a small airport, so don’t be surprised when you see a plane flying above you. By the way, you can even try flying in one of the planes if you make an arrangement with the pilot.

Zbruch river

On the way to Odessa we advise you to stop at Kruglyk village. You can rest with tents at meadows or pay a little for using the conveniences, including a parking lot and a BBQ complex. You can access the same service in Snetynka and Zaborye villages.

And last but not least: if you’re going out of Kiev for a weekend, make sure you have enough mosquito repellent in your backpack, as mosquitoes are able to spoil your whole vacation. Also don’t forget to extinguish the campfires and pack the garbage into bags and take it away from the nature.

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