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Palace of Justice in Chernovtsy

Chernovtsy is rightfully known as the heart of green Ukraine. Administrative, economic and cultural centre of Chernovtsy region lies on the banks of a picturesque river Prut not far from the Carpathians.

Palace of Justice in Chernovtsy

Archeological sources state that the city was founded in the XII century as a defensive fortress Chern, which stands for Black City. The name of the city is first mentioned in a charter by Moldavian ruler O. Dobry.

For centuries Chernovtsy managed to preserve its main feature – tolerance. Various beliefs, nationalities and political view never stood in the way of mutual trust and respect between citizens. This fact was noted by Georg Heinzen, who compared the city to a ship where Ukrainian team transferred Jewish passengers while being supervised by German officers.

Palace of Justice in Chernovtsy

Culture, architecture and history of the city had been developing under the influence of foreign rules, and therefore diversity is what strikes visitors about Chernovtsy.

One of Chernovtsy attractions is a building where nowadays is the regional administration. It is located behind the former Chamber of commerce and crafts and is surrounded by a rectangle of Vatutin, Mitskevich, Kotlyarevsky, and Grushevsky streets. The building was constructed in 1906, and the construction went on for 2 years. Initially it was going to be used as a Palace of justice, and later advocacy and the regional court were founded there. The project of the Palace of justice was designed by a Czech architect Joseph Glavka. The building is executed in the style of a Renaissance Florentine palace from the XV century, but later it was converted to the style of Art Nouveau. The facade of the Palace of justice is decorated with insertions of ceramic colored glazed bricks. Majolica insertions are decorated with floral pattern and a word lex, which means law in Latin.

Palace of Justice in Chernovtsy

Statues of Goddess of Justice Themis and Goddess of Punishment Nemesis rise above the façade of the building, and two large lions stand at the front entrance holding scrolls in their paws.

Address of the Palace of justice: Chernovtsy, Grushevsky street, 1.


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