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Places to celebrate Pancake Week in Kiev

When else can one with impunity burn effigies on fire, eat pancakes with red caviar and valiantly jump through high fire? Of course, during the Pancake week – the week of farewell to the harsh winter.

Pancakes with Caviar 
The real farewell to winter should be held outside in the fresh freezing air, with dances, songs and ancient ceremonies. So treat yourself and the children the most memorable Pancake Day in your life!

Pancake Day in Puscha-Vodytsia

Place: Puscha-Vodytsia

When: February 27, beginning at 11:00, end at 16:00

Price: 230 hryvnia

Pancake Day Celebration for children in Puscha-Vodytsia will be held by tourist firm “Imuls Plus”. Children will take part in the search for missing Pancake, visit the fun fair, learn how the Pancake Week was celebrated in the old days, taste tea from samovar and delicious pancakes.

Pancake Day in Pechersk

Place: Metro Station Lybidska, near the Temple of All Saints

When: March 6

Price: Free

In the Pechersk district children will be surprised with master classes. The children will learn to make puppets-motanok of shabby old clothes (as it was in the old days) and from conventional threads. The young guests will enjoy also fun games, relay races, interesting competitions, performances of creative groups.

Pancake Day in Pirogovo

Place: The historic complex “Pirogovo”

When: March 1, 6.

Price: 15 hryvnia
Pancake Day in PirogovoIs there the better place to meet the spring, if not in the historic Ukrainian village? It is in "Pirogovo" one can feel like a real Cossack or his girl friend. The program includes competitions, choral singing and fun to play. And in any cafe of the open-air museum you can enjoy mulled wine and, of course, fragrant pancakes.

Pancake Day in "Expocentre of Ukraine"

Place: "Expocentre of Ukraine"

When: March 4 - 6.

Celebration at the Expocentre will be held in the second and third pavilion, as well as open space. The organizers plan to make the fair, where everyone will be able to buy products of craftsmen, souvenirs and enjoy the theatrical productions under the promising title "Kolodiy", "Treat the mother-in-law!", "Oh, godfather to godmother...","Farewell to Pancake Week". One will be able to meet the Old Slavic god of marriage, Kolodiy, and each son-in-law can ride his beloved mother-in-law in the wagon or sleigh, to feed her with dumplings and pancakes. In addition the fun contests, concerts and master classes. And on March 6 at the Expocentre there will be burnt the effigy of winter.

Pancake Week in “Mamaeva Sloboda”

Place: Cossack Center “Mamaeva Sloboda”

When: February 28 - March 6

Price: Adults - 40 hryvnia, kids - 10 hryvnia

Pancake Day in Expocenter“Mamaeva Sloboda”, despite the children's tickets, has apparently arranged a holiday for adults. First - there will be celebrated Kolodiy, secondly - only in the form of evening festivities in the tavern “Kosa nad Charkoy” (Scythe over Cup), and, third - just seven days, as it should. From Monday to Friday the festivities start at 19:30 and will be called "Kolodka was born", "Kolodka was baptized", "Pohrestiny", "Kolodka was dying", "Kolodka was buried". And the Saturday and Sunday holidays will begin at 10:00 am and will last up to the third cockcrows.

Pancake Day in Podol

Place: Kontraktova Square

When: March 6

Price: Free

This year Podol promises to organize the most traditional Pancake Day. There will be all sorts of rituals, and delicious pancakes, as well as contests, quizzes, and a festive concert.

Pancake Day in Obolon

Place: Obolon Embankment, Prirechnaya Street, 3

When: March 6

Price: Free

The most fun attraction at Obolon will be, of course, winter swimmers bathing. Though not entirely traditional, but spectacular. The program also includes performances of creative groups, hosting the game, "Get the Prize" sports such as tug-of-war, lifting weights.

Pancake to each Kiev citizen

Even if you're not going to jump over a bonfire and burn voodoo doll of winter at Pancake Day, then taste a couple pancakes. For the lazy people of Kiev city, some restaurants have come up with a special pancake menu.
Pancakes by Showbusiness StarsFor example, in the restaurant “Panorama” on March 1 all guests can enjoy pancakes by production of stars of the Ukrainian show business (Natalia Valevskaya, Mika Newton, Cyril Turichenko, Alyosha, Erica, brothers Borisenko, KolyaSerga, Mila Nitich, Alexei Bolshoi). The action is called "Star Pancake Day".

And the pancakes with red, black and aubergine caviar one could taste during the holidays in the restaurant "Ikra" (Caviar). There you will be treated with not only wheat, buckwheat and yeast pancakes, but also wonderful toppings of fish and shrimp in a creamy sauce, sea bass, spinach and beluga caviar and sturgeon.

Pancakes at affordable prices (8-15 hryvnia) can be found in the restaurant New York Street Pizza. Fillings are not surprising - caviar, ham, chicken, mushrooms, cheese, jams, ice cream, chocolate and condensed milk.

In the karaoke lounge “Chaliapin” one could taste spinach pancakes and even sing karaoke in the Pancake Week. The useful spinach pancakes with smoked eel, as well as traditional wheat pancakes with chicken and mushrooms will give you strength to sing.

Source: Segodnya.ua


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