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Panteleimon Church in Kharkov

By the middle of the XIX century there were already 21 churches in Kharkov. However, one of the city citizens, G. Fyodorov, wanted to build another one, and that is why he presented the idea of the construction to the governor and the board of chairmen of Kharkov Emperor’s University. Nevertheless, the foundation stone was laid only 16 years later, in 1882. The ceremony was marked by collecting a considerable sum of money donated by members of the parish.

Panteleimon Church in Kharkov

The construction was finished in 1883. Initially the church was built under the project of the diocesan Kharkov architect F. Danilov, but a year later a three-tiered bell tower was constructed nearby. 40000 bricks were donated by members of the construction committee I. Sobolev and V. Fyodorov. The main altar was produced by an iconostasis master Burlakov, and the icons were painted by M. Plotnikov, an artist who taught arts in Kharkov gymnasium. Unfortunately, most of his masterpieces have not survived.

By the summer of 1885 Panteleimon’s church was completely ready: the floors were laid, the iconostasis was placed in the north aisle. The church was consecrated by the rector Reverend archbishop Ambrosius; he also was the one who conducted the first service. In 1887 another iconostasis was placed in the south aisle, funded by the wife of A. Ognenko, the merchant.

Entrance to the church

In 1898 Panteleimon’s church was reconstructed by M. Lovtsov, who had previously worked as a renovator for churches of Sloboda.

At the end of the XIX century there were a school for the deaf, a female parochial school and a craft and handmade workshop school opened. In 1922, however, Soviet officials have closed the church and assigned the building to the deaf society. A tower with a dome and several small towers were removed, and the cross was ripped out of the bell tower. From 1944 to 1961 services were renewed, but after that the building was turned into a warehouse. Later, in 1960s there was a school, and in 1980s a museum for the “Dynamo” sport society. The city orthodox community got the church back to its possession only in 1989.

Panteleimon Church in Kharkov

Currently Panteleimon’s church is functioning. Moreover, since 1992 there is a healing stream running. For years it was abandoned and covered with soil, but now thousands of Ukrainians and foreigners come here for its healing power.

The reconstruction was finished in 1999. Nowadays Panteleimon’s church is an architecture and spiritual wonder of Sloboda region. Since 2005 a library with over 200 books is functioning in the church.

Address: Klochkovskaya street, 94a.


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