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Peter and Paul church in Kharkov

Peter and Paul church is located on Shevchenko street. This is a newly renovated building made of stone and it fits perfectly into the location. The church is famous for its rich history and therefore it is part of a lot of tourist routes.

Peter and Paul church in Kharkov

The Peter and Paul church in Kharkov was constructed in 1866 in Zhuravlinka district, which belonged to the Kharkov suburbs. Currently this district is known as the Shevchenko street and is in fact one of the longest streets in the city. The church has been rebuilt from stone in 1875 by the project designed by V. Nebolsin and F. Danilov. The budget of the construction consisted of the donations of the parishioners, and especially Vasiliy Bolotov, who donated 25000 rubles.

The church depicted on a painting

The church has been originally designed to have one dome, three altars and to be made of stone. The biggest altar was named after Peter and Paul, the one on the right was named after St. Basil, and the one on the left after John the Baptist. There was no arable land near the church, only 540 square yards of farmlands. The parish consisted of 1363 men and 1482 women. There was a priest, a parish clerk and a deacon. Also there was a parochial girls’ school.

The church

Even during the years of Nazi occupation the church kept on functioning. During the 1950 there was a beautiful garden founded near the church; later it was abandoned and recently has been turned into a parking lot, which obviously is hardly acceptable considering its close location to the church.

In 1996 the church turned 130; on this occasion it was renovated and received a second life. the architects tried to preserve the magnificent beauty of the 19th century building. The same year the officials opened a Sunday parochial school, where the parish is taught songs and the tenets of creed. In winter at the river near the church the day of holy water is celebrated.


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