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Church of St. Peter and Paul in Lviv

Church of St. Peter and Paul in LvivJesuit Church of St. Peter and Paul is located on the Theatre Street and is considered one of the first monuments of Baroque architecture in Lviv.
In 1610, the Jesuits (members of the monastic order of the Roman Catholic Church) began its construction. It is known that at the very beginning the works were managed by monk Sebastian Lamhaus, and continued – by D. Briano. The church was almost finished by 1630. According to the very forms the church reminds the church of il Gesu in Rome. At that time its dimensions were impressive: 41 meters long, 22 meters wide and 26 m in height.

The church is three-nave (three elongated premises, limited with the rows of columns or pillars), with a weak external apse (protrusion of the building, blocked or closed with semidome or semivault). The main facade consists of two levels. The lower part is decorated with six monumental pilasters (vertical projection of the wall, conventionally representing a column). In the four niches there are placed statues of Jesuit saints. South facade looks much more modest and restrained. From this side in 1702 there was erected the tower of the church, which was the highest in Lviv in those days. In 1756 there was set up the clock. In 1830, after the accident, which happened with the Lviv city hall, it was decided to dismantle the tower of the church and remain only the first layer next to the apse.

St. Peter and Paul Church in LvivThe vaults of the church were painted with the frescoes of Moravian artists J. and S. Eckstein in 1740.

After the fire in 1734, the Jesuit church interior was capitally renovated. Among the sculptures and decorative carving there singles out the altar, built in 1747 in Baroque style. In the XIX century the artists Makarevich, Reyhman, Yablonsky worked on the decoration and restoration of the temple.

In our time there is a book depository library by V. Stefanyk in the church. The underground of the Jesuit Church can be visited on an excursion.


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