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Pharmacy museum in Kiev

A visit to the pharmacy museum in Kiev will be fascinating not just for medical workers, but also for ordinary people. The museum was founded so that visitors could learn more about how pharmacies were created and evolved. It was created in 1986 on the site of a pharmacy that functioned since 1715.

An antique cash machine at the pharmacy museum

The pharmacy museum is quite big and displays about 2000 exhibits from all over Ukraine. For example, pieces of antique furniture were brought from Western Ukraine. As soon as you enter the museum, you feel like time went backwards and you’re living in the XIX century instead of the XXI century.

Earlier a pharmacist used to be both a doctor and a pharmacist, which is why the pharmacy museum includes more than just a pharmacy. There is also a shop, a reception and a lab. In the past pharmacies sold not only medicine, but also cosmetic products. Nowadays we have to go to a beauty store to buy all this, but in the XIX century pharmacies sold creams, powders and even perfumes. That’s how various bottles and jars, which women find fascinating, ended up in the museum.

A sign of the pharmacy

Those who love mysterious stories will also find something to look at here: there is a real alchemist’s basement. A real magician sits behind a large table and worked on something in a flask. Also there are coins around him on the desk. There is a tradition linked to those coins: if you make a wish and leave at least one coin on the table, the wish will come true.

A magician behind the desk

Around the pharmacy you can see dozens of shelves with authentic that were used by pharmacists for preparing of herbal curative mixtures, glasses, bottles, and various tinctures with crabs and snakes. There are also antique pharmaceutical tools and other fascinating items. Moreover, the museum has a collection of soap produced in the various years.

This place is worth spending your time on it. Ring your friends and your camera. The museum is open every day except Sunday from 9am to 4pm. The entrance fee is 10 UAH and a guided tour is 20 UAH. We advise you to use a guide service, because some items might look casual, but instead have a long history behind them.

Address of the pharmacy museum: Pritissko-Nikolskaya street, 7.


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