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Glinka Concert Hall in Zaporozhye

Concert Hall in ZaporozhyeGlinka Zaporozhzhye Regional Philharmonic Concert Hall is located in Zaporizhye. Philharmonic Hall was built in the 50-ies of XX century and is situated in the heart of the city, leaving the facade on the main avenue. In front the Philharmonics is the monument of Glinka, in whose honor was named the Philharmonic Hall. The famous composer in a pensive pose sitting in an armchair.

Zaporozhye Region Philharmonic is among the first to open in the former Soviet Union. Founded in 1939, it launched a frantic activity and a few years later moved from the old part of town at the center of Zaporozhye.

The project of a new concert hall named after Glinka was designed by renowned architect George Vegmanom, who took an active part in the reconstruction of Zaporozhye at the end of the Great Patriotic War. Construction of the concert hall was carried out in the early 50-ies of XX century and the first time the viewer has entered a new concert hall in 1953. The building was built in two rooms, accommodates 400 and 800 spectators. In 1954, for landscaping planted in front of the juniper bushes, which have not yet taken root in Zaporozhye in climate.

Currently, Glinka Concert Hall is one of the best in Europe. The regional philharmonic society constantly gives chamber and symphony orchestras concerts, recitals, performances, festivals, literary salon, competitions, various creative meetings, etc. Total number of all these events and concerts a year is close to 800.

In 2008, the concert hall had a full reconstruction: has been replaced by floor, curtain, sound and light equipment updated, restored wall, re-upholstered armchairs. It is true a year later at the entrance columns were destroyed, and the stucco from the ceiling in the hall began to fail, so it was started a new repair, overextended builders for many months.


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